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Xbox One Release Date Mid-November
August 22, 2013

The Xbox One is slated to hit shelves mid-November with seemingly mixed feelings from fans of the game console. Xbox One will be sold with the Kinect motion controller amid hopes that a stand alone Xbox would be made available at a lower price. It's going to be introduced with a heavier price tag compared rival PlayStation for the added motion sensing technology. Sony's PlayStation 4 will debut at $399, while the Xbox One can currently be reserved for $499. The PlayStation 4 is scheduled to launch on November 15th, really putting both consoles head to head due to their timing.

The new Xbox will be showcased with 23 game titles to choose from at launch. Reservations are currently being accepted on the Xbox One website and at retailers nationwide. Customers who reserve now rather then later will receive a limited edition "Day One 2013" controller.