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DIY Projects:
Adjusting OpenOffice Writer Page Background Color
May 11, 2014

Imagine you're trying to write a document in OpenOffice Writer, or any other OpenOffice program for that matter. Now envision a dimly lit or dark room. During some point of typing you may start to feel like you're staring into a light bulb. Thankfully, there's an easy solution to this problem. You can simply invert the colors of your document to save your eyes from straining out of their sockets.

While it may sound far easier to just change the background color using "Format > Page > Background" or the Background Color paint bucket icon, this only changes the background within the page margins. We need to change the background color of the entire document.

To accomplish this, click through the following menus:
Tools > Options... > OpenOffice > Appearance

This will give you the freedom to create and save multiple color schemes for various tasks. The background of the page is listed as Document background while the exterior background of the window is listed as Application background.



What's your favorite color scheme? Let us know below!