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DIY Projects:
3 Xtreme
Last updated: October 3, 2006

At the main menu, highlight "Memory Card" and press Left or Right, then choose the "Codes" selection. Then, you can enter the following codes...

Code - Description
VOUYEUR - Unlock all the Exhibition tracks.
TRIXXY - Unlock all the Freestyle tracks.
BINK - Unlock Bink The Alien skateboard.
NYUB - Unlock Nyub the alien rollerblader.
GEEP - Unlock Geek the alien biker.
LUGNUT - Unlock Lug Nut.
DOMINIQUE - Unlock Dominique.
TP - Unlock TP.
ASTROMEN - Unlock all alien chatacters.
SCREAM - Unlock all monster characters.
RATPACK - Unlock all human chatacters.
GENEPOOL - Unlock all characters.
REDCAR - Unlock the red car.
REDLINE - Unlock the red car.
BLUECAR - Unlock the blue car.
BLUELINE - Unlock the blue car.
WHITECAR - Unlock the white car.
WHITELINE - Unlock the white car.
SMOKEY - Unlock all cars.

Haunted Mansion Track
Complete the Pro Circuit with any character. Then the new track will be unlocked in free style mode.

Aztec Island 1 and 2 shortcut; Look to the right for a door way, after the second tunnel at the beginning. It has blue gates inside.

Metro Shortcut
Go to the third ramp, then go up and to the left. Go toward the stairs and jump over the yellow bar. It has blue, red, and yellow gates inside.