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2 Xtreme
Last updated: October 2, 2006

Bonus Track
The following tricks must be completed on any course track. For easier execution, disable the CPU opponents. Perform an easy trick (Square, Triangle) on the first ramp at the beginning of the course. Increase speed, then perform a medium trick (Square, Circle, Triangle) on the second ramp. Finally, perform a hard trick (Square, X, Triangle, Circle) on the third ramp and finish the race. The Japan bonus track will begin loading.

Extreme Moves
These extreme move are performed while jumping with any equipment.

Move - Difficulty - Points
Square, Triangle - Easy - 50
Square, O, X - Medium - 100
Square, O, Triangle - Medium - 100
Square, X, Triangle, O - Hard - 200

Special Tricks
Perform these special jumps with the equipment shown.

Description - Code
Skateboard - Triangle, X, Square, Circle
Snowboard - Triangle, Square, X, Circle
Mountain Bike - X, Square, Triangle, Circle + X, Circle, Square, Triangle
Rollarblades - Circle, Square, X, Triangle