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Feel the Magic
Last updated: October 3, 2006

Unlockable: Nudity
You'll get to see her nude if you actually beat normal, hard, and hell mode.

On the main screen, simply set the language to Japanese, and the girl mysteriously loses her top.

Voice Recording
Record your voice on the title screen. While at the title screen, hold [Down] + [Y] to record whatever you want into the microphone. It will now play back whatever you recorded at random intervals while the title music plays. However, if you wish to play it back immediately, press [Down] + [X]. [Down-Left] + [X] will play it back slowly, while [Down-Right] + [X] will speed it up.

Unlockable List
Once you beat Normal mode you unlock Hard mode.
Beat Normal mode to unlock the sound test.
Beat Normal mode to unlock Body 2 and 3.
Beat Hard mode to unlock Hell mode (along with a Santa and Cowgirl outfit in maniac mode).

Unlockable: Hair (You can unlock different wigs by having certain GBA games inserted in the DS)
Chao hairstyle: Sonic Advance 3 cartridge
NiGHTS Wig: Chu Chu Rocket or Sonic Pinball Party cartridge
Sonic Wig: Sonic Advance or Sonic Advance 2 cartridge
Ulala hairstyle: Sonic Battle or Space Channel 5: Ulala's Cosmic Attack cartridge.