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Amped - Freestyle Snowboarding
Last updated: February 15, 2007

Play As Raven
Select "Options" at the main menu, then "Cheats". Enter RidinwRaven as a code to unlock Raven, the girl from the original Xbox tech demos and a Xbox snowboard. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Press B to exit out of the cheat menu.

Cheat Menu Codes
At the cheat menu enter the following codes (case sensitive).

Code - Result
MegaLeg - Low Gravity
GimmeGimme - Level Select
ChillinwSteezy - Steezy Snowboard
ZiPster - Free Movement
buzzsaW - Disable Tree Collisions
RidinwRaven - Unlock Raven
StickiT - Perfect Jumps

View Replays From Programmers
Go into Replay Theater and highlight Hard Disk. Press Right until you see Game Disc. You will find replays from the programmers. You can also play these levels by highlighting a replay, then go up to Watch Replay. Press Right until you see Challenge.