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DIY Projects:
All-Star Baseball 2002
Last updated: February 12, 2007

Hidden Teams
Select exhibition mode. Repeatedly press L2 + R2 and the Dingers and the Islanders teams will be unlocked. A sound will confirm correct entry. The Dingers can also be unlocked in batting practice mode. Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 at the batting practice team selection screen and that team will appear next to the Cooperstown Legends.

Alternate Uniforms
Press L1 or R1 in exhibition mode.
Hold L2 + R2 to select alternate jerseys.

For alternate uniforms during season mode, press L1 or R1 + Up or Down at the controller selection screen.
Note: This can only be done on a Sunday.

Hit More Homeruns
While batting, press Square to change from contact to power. Then, line up the upper corner on the side of the batting triangle with the pitching aid. If swung at the correct time, 90% of the time you will hit a homerun.

Always Steal Second Base
Get a baserunner on first and third base. Attempt to steal second base and the CPU will always throw to third base.

Super Fastball
Pitch with Randy Johnson and select his fastball. Aim it as low as it can go in the strike zone. Hold X (his fastball) and bring it up towards the middle of the strike zone. The pitch will as fast as 100 to 105 mph.