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DIY Projects:
Air Warrior 2
Last updated: February 10, 2007

If you're playing at the hardest level, to avoid spins keep up your speed by making sure your nose is below the horizon when you turn. The easiest way to lose control during a turn is to pull the stick back too far and unintentionally bleed your speed off.

During furballs, your first priority should be defensive flying. Don't even think about chasing another plane until you're sure your six is clear.

Take advantage of Kesmai's free open beta to get a taste of Air Warrior II at its best-with 100 other players in the sky around you.

Speed in turns is a crucial factor to staying stable on the hardest level, if you loose too much of it and then pull the stick too far back you will begin to spin. Try keeping your nose below the horizon while in the turn and you will maintain your speed ... and thereby your stability.

If you are involved in furballs don't go looking for action until your sure your rear is clean. In such situations the best offense is a good defense - at least in the beginning.