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101 Dalmatians - Escape from De Vil Manor
Last updated: December 9, 2006

Rooftop Over Kitchen
Get to the rooftop by clicking on the bed in young Cruella's bedroom. Click on the flower pot to plug the hole in the roof. This will allow you to click on the Trellis on the other side of the roof. Once you have done that, you are on your way to the attic.

There is a way out of the Manor in this room. You must go up the pull-down stairs in the ceiling. To reach the stairs, the trunk must be moved below them. To move the trunk, it must be emptied. The trunk opens with the combination to the lock. The combination is on the right-hand wall in Nanny's room that is revealed behind a flap of wallpaper from a breeze when the window is opened. You can open the window when you jump from the bed to the windowsill. Click on the trunk and the combination will automatically be entered.

Game Room
The game room offers another way out of the Manor. When you make too much noise (i.e., barking) downstairs near Horace and Jasper, you will get thrown into the game room. If you get thrown in the game room a fourth time, the door slams behind you and knocks the pool rack loose. Get the balls back into the rack and move the rack by the door. Bark to summon Horace, who will open the door and step on the balls. He will run into the wall with his backside facing you. The Rhino head falls on Whizzer's head; when you click on what's left of Horace, Whizzer will ram him and you will be outside.