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Advance Wars 2
Last updated: October 3, 2006

Advance Wars Network Hard Campaign Lab Maps Each army must find and beat the Lab map in their campaign to be able to use Neotanks in Campaign Mode. In Hard Campaign, the two first labs are in slightly different locations.

Orange Star
Andy's Time: Neutral city two spaces north of western
minicannon (Map given after mission is completed if
city not captured).
Secret Level: Test of Time

Lab Map Locations
To gain Neotanks, you have to capture a specific city in a specific map to get the lab map, and then beat a hidden mission. You have to do this in each country.

Orange Star II
Flak Attack: City north of your HQ, within range of your units starting positions.
Secret Level: Test of Time

Blue Moon
Toy Box: South-Western most Neutral city, AKA: the one on the weird island.
Secret Level: Neotanks!?

Yellow Comet
Show Stopper: South-western most neutral city.
Secret Level: Sea of Hope

Green Earth
Sinking Feeling: Southernmost city on the western island.
Secret Level: Danger X9