Thursday, October 06, 2022
DIY Projects:
Rainbox Six: Rogue Spear
Last updated: June 7, 2006

These are for single player only, press 'T' and type the cheat code to use.

Cheat code - Desciption
teamgod - Team God Mode
explore - Turn off victory mode
5fingerdiscount - Restores your ammo
nobrainer - Turns of AI
turnpunchkick - Players 2d
meganoggin - Bighead mode
bignoggin - All players have a big head
clodhopper - Big feet and hands
stumpy - Stumpy mode
1-900 - Heavy Breathing
theshadowknows - Invisible mode
teamshadow - Team invisible mode
debugkeys - Enable Debug mode
silentbutdeadly - Fart mode kills all
fastactionresponseteam - Fart but no kills
monocle - Monocle mode
stumpy - Stumpy Mode
normalcolors - Map draw AI normal colors
panickedcolors - Map draw AI panicked colors
roestatecolors - Map draw AI ROE colors
roespeedcolors - Map draw AI ROE speed colors
combatstatecolors - Map draw AI combat state colors
behaviorcolors - Map draw AI behavior colors
psychstatecolors - Map draw AI psychological state colors
threatawarenesscolors - Map draw AI threat awareness colors
awarenessstatecolors - Map draw AI aware colors
alertnessstatecolors - Map draw AI alertness colors
aiplancolors - Map draw AI plan colors
levelmaps - Map draw level maps
testplan - Map draw test plan
drawplan - Map draw plan
pathpointlinks - Map draw path point links
coverpoints - Map draw cover points
pathpoints - Map draw path points
objectwalls - Map draw object walls
obstaclewalls - Map draw obstacle walls

Press F10 to toggle debug mode (enter cheat code 'debugkeys' before pressing F10). Now press the following:
A - Artifial Intelligence On/Off
M - Freezes you
V - Rotates View
B - Normal view
1 and 3 on keypad - Change resolution
- and + on keypad - Zoom
F6 - Look through the eyes of other people in the mission
F7 - Automatically die
F9 - Return to the player you were using to complete the mission
F12 - Level Skip
[ and ] - Brighten and darken the screen
< and > - Make the player float up or down
/ - Brings you down from floating